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Crepe maker

Crepes are a version of French pancakes. Unlike the American fluffy style of pancakes, crepes are a bit bigger and thinner and can be filled up with both savoury and sweet fillings. They can also be typically rolled or folded. If you love crepes, a crepe maker would be wonderful for you.

Crepe makers

Crepe makers come in three distinct models an electric, a crepe pan, and a cordless electric. They differ in size, ranging from about 7.5 inches to around 16 inches. A crepe pan with a diameter of 10 to 12-inch can be the best for beginners. The simplest way of spreading the butter is by picking up the pan and rotating your wrist slowly to allow the butter to cover the surface of the pan. This can be both a convenient size to sharpen your ideal skills in crepe making and also offer an adequate cooking surface to make a lot more than only crepes.

Electric crepe makers

Electric crepe makers are excellent for making big crepes or when you want to prepare crepes for the table. Electric crepe maker is the largest among the three models. Its surfaces are designed from aluminium plates (non-stick), and this means that they are light in weight and also affordable, though their heat settings are below perfect. On their bright side, Electric crepe maker non-stick surfaces are very trouble-free to wipe clean, and this is very important given that none of these models are safe to dip in the water.


Crepe Pans

Crepe pans are short and thin, which makes them very easy to store. They are non-electric crepe pans give the heat control that is required to get the ideal golden colour in the quickest amount of time. Moreover, if you add a lot of butter to the pan, it is very easy to pour off the surplus (which can’t be done when using an electric one). This makes it easy to use and can give you that shape that you want. These types of pans are usually made of enameled cast-iron, non-stick, or cast-iron. The Cast iron can be heated to a bit higher temperatures more than the non-stick and even lower than electric ones. However, they are, in addition, heavier, and those handles are likely to get hot, and this can make the flipping of your crepe to be a bit difficult.

Cordless Electric

Cordless electric is very and especially if your technique of flipping or butter spreading is non-existent or rusty. These types cook calmly; they don’t need flipping, and usually make constantly thin crepes. The pans are the fastest to bring to hotness (with an average of about 90 seconds), and their highest point temperatures are normally lower than the normal electric one. Even though they have wipe-clean surfaces, it is the most complicated model to keep clean as a result of the gaps that are in between their non-stick surface in addition to their attached base handle but with deep cleaning your crepes will come out as expected with this crepe maker.



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